Spirit Donuts are Fat-Free

Last night I sat at the kitchen table with my grandmother and my little sister. She offered us a donut, as this seems to be her pastry of choice the past few times we’ve seen her. She has always loved to serve us sweets, but apparently has taken a special liking to donuts in the afterlife.

My grandmother died over a decade ago. Does this mean that she is gone?  That I can no longer connect with her? Absolutely not! All matter is energy, condensed to a very slow vibration, and energy cannot be created or destroyed. So, while my grandmother has moved on to another plane of existence, she still exists.  I have found that is possible to access other planes through meditation, but I find that dreams are where I am able to connect most easily with those souls who have passed on. 

Sometimes before I go to sleep, especially if I have a problem weighing on my mind, I will ask my ancestors to provide guidance. My dreams almost always provide the answer.  I read an article once that said the dreams we have through most of the night are pretty much just the “brain dump” where the brain files, stores and processes the events that happened during the day.  It went on to say that the dreams you want to pay attention to happen just before you wake up. I have found that to be precisely when I receive the “answer” dreams.

Last night I didn’t ask for guidance, it just came. My sister and I were visiting with my grandmother and they were laughing about something as she served us the donuts. I interrupted them to point out that I don’t remember her ever serving us donuts when she was alive on Earth, and we all laughed about how much she really likes them now.  She knows I prefer to stick to more of a whole-foods diet and don’t eat many sweets.  So, she told me that I can eat all the donuts I want in the Spirit World because Spirit Donuts are not made of processed foods or sugar, they are made of love.  Suddenly I felt myself waking up, it was time to go. As I was leaving, she kindly noted that I have been neglecting my writing, neglecting to record my metaphysical experiences so that they may help others who are on a similar path. I felt the message as she handed me a donut for the “road.”

I woke up laughing to myself about the concept of Spirit Donuts. I invite you to ask your ancestors tonight as you go to sleep what wisdom (or treats!) they may have to share with you.