The answers to our deepest worries can be found in our dreams

The other day I was very stressed. My contract at work is ending, and through various other signs from the Universe I felt led to believe that my time at this company was done, and it was because I am meant to do something more creative, something greater with my life. I hate being trapped in a cubicle in a windowless building anyway. Well, two days ago I found myself living from a place of fear. A coworker gave me some unsolicited advice that morning that went something like, “If you don’t hurry up and find another healthcare job you will lose your car, your apartment, and you will starve.”

I  wrestled with fear all day and had spent the day in a state of anguish. I felt closed, small, trapped, helpless. Before bed, I sat down and meditated for just 10 minutes. It was late and I needed to get to sleep, but I wanted to clear my mind. Afterwards I asked my ancestors and the powers that be in the Universe to give me an answer that I was on the right path in sticking to my intuition that something greater awaits. Or, to show me if I really need to fight the good fight for the cubicle life.

That night I dreamt of a friend who is an artist and a collector of old Star Wars Figures, superheros and other toys. He was working an artistic job at a gallery of sorts where he had free reign creatively and to move about as he pleased. There was a sale of some sort on the upper level and when I ran into him, he was on his way downstairs with an action figure he had bought. He was taking it to a friend downstairs and he said excitedly, “He is gonna LOVE this!” He stuck his arm out and showed me the figure. It was two in one, attached to the same base and he told me how this was very rare. He was excited to share this gift with his friend and I felt joy as he got on the elevator and was on his way to deliver his gift. As the elevator doors closed, my alarm went off and in that still space just before waking, a nearly audible message came through from my guides, “We told you. It IS possible to find work that doesn’t feel like work!”

That’s what I have been praying for, diligently. To build on this message, I was told by a gifted reader many moons ago that it is my purpose in life to teach others to play. I’m still trying to work out the details of what exactly that means, but I know it will happen for me and I know it does not involve working in a cubicle.

My strength in my certainty was renewed and I was able to go into the following days with a clear mind and a renewed motivation to work on my creative endeavors, such as this blog. 🙂


One thought on “The answers to our deepest worries can be found in our dreams

  1. “being trapped in a cubicle in a windowless building” This is a powerful statement, I was just grousing over this very thing. Often the answers that we crave are staring us in the face, only for us to ignore them… I’m glad to hear that you took your power back! Thanks for sharing this!

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