Easy make-anywhere, take-anywhere Green Tea

Green tea goodness

You may have heard of the health benefits of green tea, such as increased fat burning and lowered risk of nasty things like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. I try to drink at least a cup every day, in addition to the Matcha green tea powder I add to my morning smoothie. The thing is, it’s too hot in the summer for me to enjoy hot tea so I did an experiment. I carry a 32 oz. glass jar of reverse-osmosis water with me everywhere I go (no plastics leaching chemicals into my pure and delicious water, please!) so I just dropped a tea bag into my room-temperature water. The result was a most delicious and delicately flavored beverage. It has become my preferred way to drink green tea because it tastes so light and refreshing. The color is gorgeous, too. The longer it sits it will take on a more golden color, but my eyes are as happy as my tastebuds to see the enticing pale green that occurs just moments after swirling the water through the tea.

My favorite tasting green tea so far is made by Stash. This bag happened to be their green and white fusion which has a milder flavor than just the green. White tea has the added benefit of inhibiting the accumulation of fat in cells while the green stimulates fat burning.

I’m not paid by Stash in any way, I just really love their tea. Also, I don’t normally drop the paper tag into the water (who knows what that might leach into the tea), but it fell in and I thought it looked kinda pretty for the picture. ❤


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