Here’s an easy way to keep your mind focused on spirit throughout your day, and at the same time, really grind a new intention into your subconscious. Make all of your passwords something positive and meaningful. Phrases that begin with “I AM…” are especially powerful and really seal that new paradigm deep into your vibration. Try an “I AM” phrase mixed with a number (or numbers) significant to you. Each time you type in your password, really FEEL the message you have just put out there physically with your hands, and imagine that idea filling your whole body, down to a cellular level. In just a few brief seconds, you can do something really great for yourself and draw in all the GOOD life has to offer.  We spend so much time at the computer, we might as well be making use of this time to bring ourself closer to our highest potential, one keystroke at a time!

Wishing you all the best this life has in store for you,



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