Weight loss juice

I started my morning off with this super healthy green juice recipe by Drew Canole of FitLifeTV. Drew is one of my fitness heroes and I loveloveLOVE his juice recipes. His tonic is orange in the picture but mine turned out to be a pale green. Warning, although my drink didn’t take on the golden turmeric hue, my fingertips did…and my counter tops, and the floor! Turmeric is highly pigmented so anywhere this touches is likely to stain so be careful!

His recipe calls for enough veggies for a three days of juice, but I made a single glass using:

1 cucumber
1 red pepper
1 lime
1 bunch parsley
2 pieces of turmeric
1/4 jalapeño
pinch of black pepper
1 tsp chia seeds (add the last two at the end, and wait 10 min before drinking so the chia can “gel”)

This made about 12 oz and was actually so filling that I was only able to drink about 8, so I’m saving the rest for mid-morning. The jalapeño is not too hot, and gives the drink just enough kick to wake you up! I may even add more next time. 🙂


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