A Mantra to Release Worry, Anxiety and Resentment

Mercedi Yoga 2
Lately I have been working hard to keep my mind focused on the present moment and not allow it to roam into a past or future focus, where resentment or worry often reside. I wanted to share a mantra with you that has been very helpful and that is the Dhart Hai mantra:

Dharti Hai Akash Hai Guru Ram Das Hai

This translates to:
Dharti Hai – “The earth is”
Akash Hai – “The ether is/the heavens are”
Guru Ram Das Hai – “Guru Ram Das is”

Guru Ram Das represents our heart energy made manifest in the world.

With this mantra we call upon the earth and the heavens and then bring that energy into ourselves and project it outward through our heart center. Kundalini yoga guides and teachings say that this mantra calls on our highest spirit, keeps us humble and effective on new ventures and attracts opportunity for prosperity.

You can listen to a beautiful recording of this mantra (and watch a video) by Gurunam Singh here. This sounds so beautiful and calming, and is my favorite version of this mantra. I was also thrilled to find this on Spotify where I love to make yoga playlists.

I’ve been listening to this often lately, whenever I find myself in an anxious mental state. I set my intention on bringing myself back to the NOW and chant softly along with the music. In a just a few moments I feel more grounded and am back to experiencing life through my heart instead of the mind.

I’d love to hear what mantras and chants are your favorites when you feel worried, angry, etc.

Sat Nam,


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