Commitments are not just for relationships

Today marks the three month anniversary of my commitment to myself. On July 27th of this year, I committed to give up alcohol and other low-vibration substances. Although I did not have a problem by many people’s standards, I felt that alcohol was causing me to make some poor decisions, and was keeping me from being the very best I could be.

I had my ring engraved with “Sat Nam” which means “Truth is my identity.” Looking at it gives me strength and serves as a constant reminder of my commitment.

It has been said that when you take a step toward God, God takes 1,000 toward you. I can honestly say this has been so very true in my life. In the past three months, new insights have come through and doors have been opened for me that I never would have been still enough to receive in my moments of escaping. Now, when I have a bad day, instead of having a drink with a friend, I take a breath, go inside myself and face the pain instead of running from it.

I was honestly very worried that parties would be much less fun. I thought I had to have a drink in my hand because that’s just what you do at parties.  Unfortunately, I often found that I in my misguided attempt to ease any social anxiety with the “talk elixir” that is alcohol, I would over do it and feel bad later that evening or the next day.   However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that it turns out parties are much MORE more fun now!  I am able to be very present and really listen to others in conversations, as well as avoid the usual party pitfalls such as hangovers or the snack-table trap where of overeating and eating things that are really bad for me.  I feel great the next day and never sink into a low-vibration state as a result of my indulgence. I stay on top and I stay happy, and that’s where I always want to be. 🙂


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