11 minutes to a better YOU

The number 11 is significant in kundalini yoga. It is a high vibration number and symbolizes the principle of enlightenment.

Whenever I feel I don’t have enough time for things like meditation or exercise, I can almost always set aside 11 minutes to do it and afterwards I always feel calmer, more centered and like I accomplished something worthwhile — definitely better than I did before.

In some ways, 11 minutes is the perfect amount of time for meditation. Just enough time for your mind to really let go but not too much time where it has a chance to wander or to feel like a chore.

As far as exercise goes, 11 minutes may not sound like a lot but 11 minutes is better than zero minutes. Plus, if you can manage to do 11 minutes in the morning and 11 at night, you’re just under the recommended 30 min per day!

I also like to engage this magic number by holding my stretches for an 11 count. Or, if I’m really short on time, I’ll “sprinkle in” fitness by just doing 11 reps of any exercise whenever I can throughout the day. Just moving your body often, in a way that feels good to you is what is most important.

Give your mind and your body just 11 minutes and your spirit will thank you. Trust me. 🙂


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