Pamper yourself and detox at the same time

My favorite way to de-stress and cleanse myself physically and spiritually is to take a healing bath.

Epsom salt draws toxins out and it’s high magnesium content is great for easing stiff muscles. I add about two cups to a bath. 45 minutes is optimal detox time, but I try to soak for at least 20 min.

I also like to add some essential oils. My favorites right now are lavender for relaxation and a bright citrus oil to keep my spirits lifted. Another good oil for balance is clary sage. DoTerra makes a great blend with clary sage called “Balance” that is great for females, especially around the time of your Moon Cycle.

During the bath I ball up a wash cloth and scrub my entire body in a circular motion, pressing rather hard, until the skin reddens. This open pores and helps our body’s largest organ to release toxins as much as possible.

Sometimes before the bath I will use a dry skin brush to move lymphatic fluid up toward the body’s “drain” which is under the left collar bone. I do long, sweeping motions all the way up my body, beginning at the ankles and taking extra time at the sites where lymph nodes are clustered, such as the backs of the knees, the armpits and the inguinal lymph nodes of the groin. This feels really good and helps to prevent cellulite. Note: It is best to avoid the breasts and genitals when you do this, or just brush over them very lightly.

I always feel AMAZING after one of these baths. It’s really one of those things you can do for yourself that provides instantaneous results.

As one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Emmanuel Dagher, says “Make sure to pamper yourself often. It sends out a signal to the Universe letting it know to rise up and do the same for you!”



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