Learning My Soul’s Name


Today I did this meditation on learning my soul name.  It was a really beautiful experience.  When I turned to look at him (or her), I saw that my Spirit Guide was a happy little white bear, something like a cross between the Snuggle Bear and an Ewok.  I was greatly surprised at this, but also amused and delighted beyond measure.  When it came time to hear my soul name, which also contains our soul’s purpose, I was informed that there is no direct pronunciation for it here on Earth, but that it can be closely translated as “Green Sun.”  I understood it to mean that my purpose is to keep things bright and fresh and new…to maintain the “green” in my heart and to be a light, shining warmth and illumination on others, to not only never let their spirit wither or become dry and brown, but also so that they may bloom and grow into their highest expression.

Wishing that you find that highest expression within yourself, and much love…



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