Full Moon Super Moon Juice!

Today we have a full moon in Aquarius. It is also a super moon, and is the closet the moon will be to the earth all year. Aquarius is a forward-thinking sign and the sign of change. Our emotions and energy are magnified today so let’s make the most of them to create positive change and initiate the steps necessary to bring about the life of our dreams!

I began my day with a ten minute meditation, setting my intention that today my actions would be guided by Spirit. Then I was led to make this delicious, liver-cleansing and energizing beet-apple-carrot juice! Delicious!

Two beets
Two carrots
One lemon
1 inch fresh ginger
1 bunch parsley
1 Fuji apple

Toss them into your juicer and marvel at that gorgeous vibrant pink color Mother Nature has provided! 🌈