Free Hugs Experiment 

Here’s a little video I did recently on love and unity. We had a diverse group of individuals offer free hugs while blindfolded:


United we stand

In celebration of America’s Independence Day tomorrow, I wanted to share a little film I made about the power of human connection.  Many of us feel deep pride and connection to our country, and to our fellow Americans on this day.  I’d like to invite you to take that feeling and expand on it, to feel how awesome it is to realize we are not alone on this Earth and that we get to share this  journey with other spiritual beings on this “human experience” adventure.


“Recognize that the Other Person is You.” – Yogi Bhajan

Valentine’s Day

99 Red Heart Balloons

Valentine’s Day Love Day

Valentine’s Day often gets a bad rap.  What is Valentine’s Day anyway? A celebration of martyrdom?  A plot devised by the card/candy/jewelry companies to get us to spend money?  A way to make single people keenly aware of their lack of companionship?

I love Valentine’s Day, and I’m going to tell you why.  Out of all the things we celebrate, why should we not have a day to celebrate LOVE? Love is the highest form of energy, the highest law.  In a way, it’s the driving force behind most of the other holidays we observe in the U.S.  We celebrate the things we love as a collective people: Jesus, our country, those who have served our country, and those who have made a difference by honoring them with their own day on our calendar. How much more so should we be celebrating the emotion that fuels the recognition of these things, people and events?

I’m not solely talking about romantic love, either.  Love is a broad emotion and takes many forms.  I always include my mom and my sister on Valentine’s Day, but why stop there?  We can celebrate the love we have for our pets, for our health, for our friends, for the planet, for ice cream…whatever it is that YOU love right now. The sky is truly the limit.

Sure, chocolate companies profit off of the day but people are going to find a way to profit from all kinds of things.  That doesn’t mean we should let that take away from what the holiday is truly about, to me at least.  I celebrate this holiday as Love Day.

To close, I will leave you to ponder this beautiful thought by the poet Hafiz:

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth
“You owe me”
Look what happens with a love like that
It lights the whole sky

Happy Love Day,