Constructive ways to channel anger

To say this past week has been intense and emotional would be an understatement.  I can’t say I handled it constructively 100% of the time, but I do have some tools in my spiritual toolbox that are healthier than others. When suppressed, anger and frustration can build up in our bodies and cause resentment, or even show up as physical dis-ease if left unchecked for long enough.

My favorite ways to get them out are through doing something physical like dance, exercise or taking my trusty plastic bat and beating the crap out of a cushion or my mattress.  I learned this technique at a yoga workshop and boy, does it work. I usually wear myself out in less than a minute and it’s enough to create some space from the emotion and begin to think more clearly and calmly. 

If this post resonated with you at all, I encourage you to pick up one of these from the kid’s toy section of your local department store so that you’ll be prepared to deal with the anger monster next time you find yourself seeing red.  It’s incredibly cathartic and is the fastest way I know to channel that negative energy. Just please don’t beat on anything that’s not a couch cushion or your mattress! This is supposed to be constructive, not destructive! 🙂

Happy releasing!