Raise your vibration with rose petal juice

Did you know that, at a rate of 320Hz, roses vibrate at the highest frequency of all known plants? I believe this is why they are so nice to be around. They are commonly revered as the “alpha flower” much the same way that lions are regarded as the king of the jungle. When someone gives you roses, you know they are trying to convey a message of deep significance. I am one lucky gal because my boyfriend gives me roses all the time. I’ve seen rose petals in gourmet salads, but until this morning, had never eaten any myself.

Here is a good explanation of how Prana, or life force energy, is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. The frequency of a healthy body ranges anywhere from 62 to 68Hz with a frequency lower than 50Hz increasing your risk for cancer. So, it makes sense that we would want to do all that we can to keep our vibration rate high. I do this primarily by meditation, keeping my my thoughts positive, and of course by consuming  Prana-rich foods.

After Valentine’s Day, many ladies or couples will probably have leftover roses and rose petals.  Why not consider including them in your green juice or smoothie? Remember to bless them and thank them for their life-giving energy!


Smiles and good vibes,



Super easy vegetable soup


I never used to like soup until it dawned on me how freaking quick and easy it is to make and how much of a nutritional powerhouse it is with very little calories or fat. I still don’t eat it much in the summer, but nothing beats a hot bowl of soup to beat the chill of winter. Plus, our bodies naturally slow down a bit in the colder months leaving less energy for digestion. Large, greasy or protein-heavy meals can make us even more tired or sluggish on gray days. A nourishing vegetarian soup is ideal to give our body a break and help keep us feeling light and vibrant.


28 oz can diced tomatoes
15 oz can tomato sauce
2 cups of water
1/2 bunch rainbow chard, chopped
1/2 pkg (6oz) frozen mixed veggies (I used a blend of carrots, peas, corn and green beans)

This tastes great alone, but sometimes I add a clove or two of garlic and a pinch of basil, and/or oregano.

Cover and simmer until hot.

Lunch or dinner for the whole week? Done and done! *brushes hands together* 😎

Today’s winter juice recipe

The weather is turning colder and my body is calling for the deeper colors of nutrient-dense purples and greens instead of the bright oranges and yellows of summer fruits.


I juiced the kale leaves and pear then poured that into my blender with the grapes, kiwi and coconut water.

Winter juice:
1 bunch kale
Handful of red grapes
1 red pear
1 kiwi
8oz or so of coconut water



My favorite green smoothie

This is so unbelievably delicious. It’s pure food alchemy too, because although it’s vegan, it’s creamy almost like Greek yogurt or a milkshake. Mmm. Without further ado, here’s the skinny. (Hehe…see what I did there?)

Gather the following:

Handful of spring greens
Handful of cilantro
1/2 peeled cucumber
1/2 peeled green apple
1/2 avocado
1/8 tsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp raw almond butter
8oz unsweetened almond or hemp milk

1. Toss all ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.
2. Pat yourself on the back for making a meal that’s both delicious AND jam-packed with nutrients then go about your day making equally awesometastic decisions!


Blueberry paleo muffins

1 cup almond flour
1 cup blueberries
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/8 cup coconut oil (melted)
dash salt
1 egg
1 tbsp almond butter
juice of one lemon
tsp of stevia

Mix altogether and bake at 375 for about 25 min

These are extra yummy with a little honey butter and provide crazy energy when you eat one for breakfast. 🙂

Comforting paleo almond porridge

image(3)Fall weather is creeping up on us where I live.  The days have turned gray like clockwork and cold weather will soon be upon us.  I wanted to share a very easy, healthy, and gluten-free breakfast for those mornings when the body craves a hot cereal.

This is very filling so you don’t need a huge bowl of it.  Just a few bites will keep you satisfied for hours.  I don’t make very much at all for this reason, but feel free to adjust the recipe if you’d like more, or if you are making this for more than one person.
I use:
1/2 cup of ground almonds (if grinding yourself you want these to be powdery)
1/4 cup almond milk
dash of ground cinnamon or ground cardamom
optional: raisins and/or coconut powder
Toast the ground almonds just until warm and fragrant, then add almond milk and stir until it makes a hot cereal consistency. Spice it up by stirring in some cinnamon or cardamom to taste.  Almonds can be expensive so you can substitute coconut powder for half the ground almonds if you like.
This breakfast makes me feel very balanced and mentally sharp, plus a warm tummy first thing in the morning is a happy tummy! Show your tummy some love and make this simple delicious breakfast.  Enjoy!

Coconut date balls

This middle-eastern inspired treat is gluten-free, paleo and vegan and is the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

You will need:
12-15 pitted dates, halved
One package of unsweetened shredded coconut

Splash of rose water
Pinch of nutmeg and/or cloveIMG_2181.JPG
Start out by boiling your dates in about 1/2 cup of water just until soft. Drain the water and then either pulse in a food processor or mash by hand (like I did with a potato masher). If using spices or rose water, add them to the mashed dates.


Scoop dates by tablespoon onto a surface covered in shredded coconut. Work the coconut flakes into the mashed dates and then roll into a ball shape and you’re done!

Sprinkle the finished product with some extra coconut. Makes 12-15 treats.




Weight loss juice

I started my morning off with this super healthy green juice recipe by Drew Canole of FitLifeTV. Drew is one of my fitness heroes and I loveloveLOVE his juice recipes. His tonic is orange in the picture but mine turned out to be a pale green. Warning, although my drink didn’t take on the golden turmeric hue, my fingertips did…and my counter tops, and the floor! Turmeric is highly pigmented so anywhere this touches is likely to stain so be careful!

His recipe calls for enough veggies for a three days of juice, but I made a single glass using:

1 cucumber
1 red pepper
1 lime
1 bunch parsley
2 pieces of turmeric
1/4 jalapeño
pinch of black pepper
1 tsp chia seeds (add the last two at the end, and wait 10 min before drinking so the chia can “gel”)

This made about 12 oz and was actually so filling that I was only able to drink about 8, so I’m saving the rest for mid-morning. The jalapeño is not too hot, and gives the drink just enough kick to wake you up! I may even add more next time. 🙂

Guilt-free dessert, yes please!

If you want a healthy dessert that’s paleo, gluten free and vegan, just toss three frozen bananas in the blender and blend until smooth. It helps to cut them up first, but that’s really it! I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and cardamom powder for added richness but it’s delicious just as it is – very creamy…better than ice cream even! I first learned of the recipe here while searching for ways to save bananas that are starting to go bad. I’ll never toss a too-ripe banana again!