How to transfer good energy from your old home to the new

IMG_3006Today was my last day in my old apartment.  I had moved everything out and cleaned it thoroughly for the new tenant, but there was one last thing I felt i needed to do, a closing ritual to say goodbye.  This place carried so much love, and supported me in so many ways, I wanted to be sure I took all of that good energy with me to my new space.  I brought over my favorite candle and chose 5 gemstones from my collection to hold the energies.  I lit my candle and briefly said a prayer, calling in all of my angels and guides of 100% pure light.  I then called back any parts of my spirit that may have been attached to the new place, as well as the spirits of my ancestors and all the good energy there that was mine and asked that it come with me to my new home.  Finally I played the Long Time Sun song to help ensure a harmonious space for whomever calls the space home after me.  I said a thank you prayer and left with my stones and candle.

IMG_3008Once “home” to my new abode, I laid my stones out and once again lit my candle, asking in prayer for the release of all of the goodness into the new space, creating a happy home life within the new walls.

There are many ways to create a sacred space, and many rituals one can perform to close the door on one era of your life and usher in the new.  This was very personal for me and so I just did what I felt my intuition called me to do, which turned out to be very simple but felt right and effective.  The method may be different for you. If you have to change spaces for any reason, know you can ask your inner divine for help and the perfect process will present itself to you.

Here’s to new beginnings and infinite possibilities!